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Miita Health clothing was founded in 2008 with the concept of love and self-esteem to develop healthy clothing as the main business focus. The target customers are middle-aged and elderly people, patients with paralysis of the lower limbs, and patients on short-term treatment and rehabilitation due to illness. We integrate medical aids and clothing to improve the convenience of wearing for patients, and design healthy clothing that meets the standards of high functionality, flexibility, friendly use and beauty.

In response to the application of technology to traditional clothing, Miita Health clothing is actively developing smart clothing. Starting from 2014, we are committed to developing smart clothing that detects ECG monitoring. The R&D Department actively cooperates with major hospitals and national university R&D centers to significantly improve and enhance the quality of life of healthcare. We cooperated with Cheng Hsin General Hospital Cardiac Medical Center IRB in a research project in 2017-2018 to improve the recovery clothing of postoperative patients. In 2019-2020, we are involved in the early development of healthy smart clothing with Ministry of Economic Affairs ECFA.

Miita Health clothing is dedicated to the development of the elderly and medical postoperative patient care products, urine bag device series, and so on. As for sales channels, we have actively cooperated with retail medical equipment vendors and fast delivery websites. Our products are displayed in the Assistive Tools Center of the Ministry of the Interior, the Multifunctional Assistive Tools Resource Integration Promotion Center of the Social and Family Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, etc.

Miita Health clothing owns a number of patents for medical clothing and smart clothing. We have sophisticated clothing manufacturing technology, factory computer patterning and computer automatic cutting to achieve AI automation process. We strictly control the size and production process, and introduce cross-domain 3D human scanning combined with smart technology.

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